Rick Altis

Born in Franklin County Virginia, and raised in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rick Altis has always had a deep appreciation of his mountain heritage.

Whether songwriting, performing with a popular bluegrass band, or sitting on the porch "whitlin", he reflects a deep love and understanding of nature's beauty.

His woodcarving started years ago when he would carve simple things into the "walking sticks" that he used while hiking and hunting "up on the Blue Ridge". Later, Rick carved several Santa Claus figures for his wife, an avid Santa collector, and found a hidden talent for capturing the spirit of the "Jolly Old Elf".

Whether an "Old World" or "Traditional" Santa, each original carving is unique. Like a December snowflake, no two are alike. You may order a certain style, but don't expect an exact copy. Rick says he's at the mercy of the Santa thats trapped in every piece of wood. All he does is carve away the exterior, allowing him to escape! The spirit of Christmas lives all year long in a "Cabin Fever Creation"

Order today, You'll delight in owning an original from this famed Blue Ridge Mountain folk artist!

Subject to availability. These are one of a kind carvvings, limited in quantity.

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